Wrongful / Constructive Dismissal

Employment is one thing that keeps any person at peace. The word “termination”, “fired” are disturbing and can also disturb the whole life of not only the particular employee but also his family members. Several reasons can contribute to the situation of leaving a job or being fired from a job.

At times people fall victim to wrongful dismissal i.e. an employee is wrongfully terminated for no just cause. Apart from this, there is one more situation when an employee is forced to quit. This is called constructive dismissal.

For the two aforementioned situations, the affected person can retain the services of a lawyer to sue the company for wrongful dismissal and demand for compensation. This is where we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers come in to help you. We have a team of skilled lawyers who have vast experience in cases of wrongful and constructive dismissal. We try our best to achieve best results for our clients.

We understand that termination from employment is highly disturbing and can hamper your inner and social self esteem. An individual can go through several bad situations after losing their job such as anxiety, discomfort and distress. To tackle all these problems and continue to support yourself and your family members, we can help you receive the due compensation that you rightly deserve.

We will do our best to understand your case properly, after which we will file an action in court on your behalf, unless you instruct us to first discuss settlement with your company. Once the case starts, we take care of the proceedings and try to obtain the rightful compensation for you.

Our team of lawyers has handled several similar cases in the past and is therefore confident obtaining rewarding compensation for you. Our erudite and experienced lawyers understand all the complexities involved in wrongful and constructive dismissal cases and will fight the case accordingly in order to obtain favourable results for you, which will enable you receive your full compensation.

With such a determination, we treat our clients with utmost care and understand what they are going through. Most importantly, we do not force you to pay us in advance. We will proceed to complete your work, so that once you receive your compensation you can then pay the fees for our services.

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