Occupier’s Liability

As the term suggests, the occupier’s liability claim is all about when you enter any premises or real estate area and get injured. In that case, you can seek compensation from the person who owns or rents that particular area. Actually, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the safety of that area for the visitors who visit it. But in any case, if the visitor gets injured, then the owner of the property is liable to pay damages or compensation for the losses, depending on the extent of the loss of the visitor.

But the problem with these cases is that to find the responsible and apt party is a very tough thing to do. So, it is significant to first get in touch with lawyers who are specialized in occupier’s liability. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in the best possible manner with your occupier’s liability claim cases.

This is so because we have highly skilled and experienced lawyers who have in-depth knowledge in occupier’s liability who can easily guide you in your matter. Moreover, our lawyers can easily determine if you have a case, and if yes, then our lawyers are available to gather evidence in order to prove your case and file claims on your behalf accordingly.

Some of the specific services that we offer under our occupier’s liability practice are as follows:

  • We determine whether you did your part in keeping yourself safe
  • We identify the cause of your injuries
  • To determine whether the negligent property owners were already aware that their actions could result into someone’s injury
  • Identify who is responsible for your injuries, whether they are the owner or someone else that includes a landlord, a tenant, a manager or a third-party contractor such as cleaning staff or a construction company
  • Identify which party has how much share of responsibility on the area where the accident took place
  • Apart from all the above, we also identify any special characteristics of the unsafe premises because different areas have different expectations for safety
  • We make sure that the deadlines are strictly followed
  • We determine whether the responsible parties acted reasonably in order to keep the premises safe

With so much to offer, My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers will protect you and your rights. If necessary, we also represent you to obtain all your compensation for the losses you incurred.

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