Bus Accidents

While a passenger in a bus, you might feel relaxed and burden free as you are not the person driving the bus. But sometimes you turn out to be unlucky as bus accidents do take place, just like any other vehicle using the road. In most of the cities like Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Barrie, and all other cities in the GTA, due to the increasing population and many vehicles on the road, many people use buses as it appears more convenient for people.

At times, bus accidents give you severe injuries that are followed up with:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Medication
  • Treatments
  • Financial burden
  • Physical loss and
  • Mental stress

In such a case, you might think of personal injury lawyer who has specialization in claiming compensation for bus accidents.

Before doing anything, it is necessary for you to know whether you are entitled to make a personal injury claim or not. For that you definitely need an experienced and knowledgeable bus accident lawyer.

At this time of your predicament, My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers come very handy. We are here to assist you in every possible manner in matters of bus accident. We will certainly help you in not only claiming against the driver of the bus and the owner of the bus, but also ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that is right for the entire trauma you have gone through after the bus accident.

We basically represent individuals and families from all around Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, including Hamilton, New Market, Barrie etc who have gone through bus accidents in the past, present or future or who are still going through heavy looses, be it mental, physical or financial.

Most importantly, we not only help the passengers of the bus that have been involved in accidents, but also assist pedestrians who have been injured in a bus accident while walking on the streets.

Our highly skilled professionals advocate on behalf of those who have suffered a serious personal injury due to bus accident and due to the negligence of others too. Listening to your concerns and thoroughly investigating your claims and providing an honest assessment of the possible claim you may have comes under our bus accident practice.

Our adept team of lawyers will help you in getting compensation for the public bus injuries that can include:

  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Serious head injuries
  • Back injuries and
  • Other severe injuries.

We work diligently to obtain compensation for all your short term and long term needs. In carrying out our duties, we also consult medical specialists, rehabilitative and vocational experts so that the accurate diagnosis of the impact of the injury can be made that will help in obtaining maximum compensation against the bus driver and the bus owner.

With so much detailed working procedure, we strive really hard and don’t leave any stone unturned in getting the rightful compensation for our clients. So, anyone who has gone through bus accident should right away get in touch with our friendly, co-operative, patient and knowledgeable bus accident lawyers who will give you free consultation. Act fast before it is too late. Pick up the phone and call us now.

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