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What To Do After Motor Vehicle Accident My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

Accidents can be fatal and sometime life threatening which temporarily or permanently makes a person disable. Such unfortunate events causes immense physical, mental, emotional and financial discomfort to the victim. Motor vehicle accidents caused by vehicles like motorcycle, car, truck or any other automobile are generally very injurious. So if you or your any loved one has met such accident then after getting medical attention, the second important thing you must do is to Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer.

This is very important especially in case of collision of two vehicles where the other party can accuse you even if you got heavily injured during the mishap. At My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers, we have expert lawyers for different cases of motor vehicle accidents. For example, Motor Vehicle Car Accident Lawyer who handles every kind of issues involved in car accidents like car crash due to manufacturer’s fault, car collisions, insurance claim issues with car insurance company etc.

Our skilled and experienced lawyers thoroughly investigate the case, reconstruct the accident site and situation for better understanding, collect solid proofs, prepare legal documents and many more things to assure the winning of case and get you maximum amount of compensation.

You can contact us at 416-783-8378 to book a free appointment or write to us at If you are concern about the legal fees then we provide payment negotiations during the consultation which means you don’t need to pay the money beforehand. Hire us and we will assure your win with our expertise and experience!!

For further information on what to do after a motor vehicle accidents, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at
Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

Why Motorcycle Accident Is Different?

Motorcycle vehicle Accidents in toronto are the main reason of most fatal accident which either kills the victim on the spot or the victim gets heavily injured. This is because the fact that motorcycles are small in size and doesn’t provide much protection to the driver unlike bigger vehicles like car or truck. Its speed is another big reason of accident because in some cases, the other driver won’t be able to conclude the location and speed of motorcycle which results into collision of the two vehicles.

In some states, motorcycles are not covered under personal injury insurance protection and the motorcycle owner can also be accused of negligence while driving. It means that these cases requires more attention and thorough investigation to collect valid proofs so that the other party can’t put you on the fault side.

Our skilled and experienced motor vehicle lawyers have successfully handled such special cases and efficiently done the settlement outside and inside the court. Here are some events lead by accident which are handled by our lawyers:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Lost Income
  • Future Lost Income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Mental anguish
  • Existing Medical Bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical & or Mental Impairment
  • Future Medical Bills
  • Special equipment to adjust disabilities

if you or your loved one has got into such unfortunate accident then you can contact us to seek professional help instead of remaining on mercy of insurance companies or handling everything by yourself in distressed condition. It is important to note that in case of motorcycle accident, the victim has equal chances of getting accused so that you must take professional help in this matter. Contact us at 416-783-8378 or write to us at and we will get back to you shortly.

Motor Vehicle & Car Accident Lawyers – Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

Accident is an unfortunate event which harms you or your loved ones physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. The first person you need after a medical professional is a Motor Vehicle Accident lawyer. You need an experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side if you or your loved ones have been injured or killed in an auto accident to take your case, fight for your rights and get you maximum compensation for your injury or loss.

Types of Motor vehicle Accidents handled by auto accident lawyers

  • Bus accident
  • Truck accident
  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Bicycle and quad bike accident
  • Any other type of motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accident compensation

Why you need compensation

Compensation for your injury is necessary because it can help you to recover from your financial loss. A long term injury or permanent injury can make you bed ridden for longer time or render you disabled which can affect your employment as well as the quality of your life. On top of that, it is difficult to deal with the insurance companies in your injured or emotionally fragile state.

How can motor vehicle accident lawyers help you?

The experienced auto accident lawyers help you to get the right amount of compensation for your loss or injury. They work with a well maintained network of experts which investigates your auto accident case and make a report on the entire contributing factor. This thorough knowledge about the unfortunate accident help in making a strong case backed up with solid evidences which increase your chances of successful outcome. Always remember that without an auto accident lawyer on your side, you will remain at the mercy of the insurance company which is more interested in their profit making rather than dealing with your interest.

Important things about compensation

Compensation is generally based on the severity of personal injury which is measured on various parameters like

  • Types of injury (or injuries) sustained by you or your loved ones
  • Time span of your recovery
  • Cost of medical treatment (or any other therapeutic procedures) for which you have paid for

The motor vehicle accident compensation is generally available for people who have suffered the injuries after accidents such as head injuries, brain injuries, neck injuries, back and spinal injuries, whiplash or any other serious injuries.

Other reasons to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer

Getting compensation is the major reason but sometimes there could be disputes or refusal of payment cases which requires immediate legal attention.

  • Disputed liability

Sometimes the insurance company says that the policyholder (that is you) has not enough proof and thus the company is not bound to pay for your damages. In such cases, the motor vehicle accident attorney helps you to provide the proof in proper way and also prove that the other party is at fault.

  • Refusal of payment

This condition can arise from disputed liability but there can be other reasons for it too when the insurance company don’t make a fair settlement offer or don’t give an offer at all.

A well establish and experienced law firm provides you skilled and experienced lawyer who will listen you, answer your questions, analyze your case with expertise and update you on its status on a timely basis to help you in getting maximum settlement for your injuries and loss.

For further information on motor accident lawyer, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara


Motorcycle Vehicle Accidents And Compensation Claims

Speed thrills but kills!! Yeah, that’s right in the case of motorcycles because these automobiles are less stable and less visible than other vehicles which increase the chances of accidents. High Speed and lack of protection of enclosed space (as in case of four wheelers) is another factor of high rate of motorcycle accidents.

Other common causes of motorcycle accident

  • Changing direction abruptly in front of another vehicle
  • Not following speed limit
  • Absence of helmet
  • Riding between other large vehicles
  • Driving under the influence of liquor
  • Not paying attention to other vehicles at the intersections or on sides
  • Misjudging the speed and distance of motorcyclist

Common Injuries occur during a motorcycle accident

As we have mentioned earlier, the motorcyclist has very little protection as compared to enclosed vehicles like car, bus or truck. Therefore the injuries that occur to the motorcyclist are generally serious and sometimes even life threatening such as:

  • Brain damage
  • Severe head trauma
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Disfigurement of body structure
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Bone fracture and dislocation
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Death

If you or your loved one has got injured in a motorcycle accident, then you should get compensation for the loss, injuries and property damages, depending on the surrounding facts.

How to claim for the compensation?

It is very difficult for the accident victim or his relative to recover compensation after the accident especially if they try to do it without the help of a law professional. It happens mostly because in some states the (Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto) Personal Injury Insurance protection doesn’t cover two wheelers and only covers four or more wheeled vehicles. Even if the insurance cover your two wheelers then also, there are confusing terms and conditions on the papers which can give you headache at the time of making your claims. If the motorcycle or the rider is uninsured then they have to face financial problems at the time of rehabilitation and in case of job loss due to the accident. The motorcyclist could also be charged with a criminal offence of driving without valid insurance.

Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer

If you or your loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident then you should go to an attorney immediately. The accident lawyer can explain to you the various options available to you for pursuing your compensation. It is suggested that one should contact the accident attorney as soon as possible after the unfortunate incident. This will help your lawyer in collecting evidence and accident related information from the relevant police authorities. There are many other things your attorney needs to do after you hire him; they include:

  • Collect report of accident site and police
  • Collect statement of eye witnesses
  • Investigate the driving history of the victim and the person at fault
  • Photograph and reconstruct the accident scene
  • Review medical records and consult experts
  • Contact your insurance company on your behalf

After collecting all the essential information and evidences, the Motorcycle accident attorney lawyer will file for the Injury and damage claims. Here is the list of motorcycle accident claims your lawyer may file for:


Your lawyer may negotiate with the insurance company for your compensation amount and if they try to refuse to make the payment, then your lawyer may use the collected information to recover your expenses.


Your lawyer has to prove that the victim is not at fault because the motorcycle accident cases falls under personal injury which in turn is based on the theory of negligence.

Product liability

Sometimes, accidents happen due to the fault in the vehicle and therefore the manufacturer of the vehicle is bound to give you compensation.


One can file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation after the unfortunate demise of a loved one.

Motorcycle accident is a special type of accident which should be handled carefully. A systematic investigation and professional legal procedures can help you recover compensation for your past and future medical expenses, physical and mental sufferings, lost wages and loss of consortium. Therefore, you should hire an auto accident lawyer (e.g. motorcycle vehicle accident Toronto) as soon as possible after the accident.

For further information on motorcycle vehicle accidents and compensation claims, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara


When Do You Need A Vehicle Accident Attorney?

The percentage of road accidents has increased drastically in recent years with the rise in numbers of vehicles on the road. They can be minor or major accident but the impact on the life of the victim is always troublesome. The financial burden of the medical treatment and the trauma that the victim has to go through are common results of such accidents.

In such times, you will need an attorney who will help you get the rightful compensation for your loss, injuries and damages. If you are in search of an experienced and skilled vehicle accident attorney then we at My Top Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto can provide you with the best legal assistance.

Our vehicle accident attorney team has expertise in different situations and claims handling such as:

  • motor vehicle collisions when injury has occurred
  • fatality or wrongful death claims
  • as an operator of a motorcycle
  • as a driver or passenger in a car or truck
  • disability insurance disputes that arise from impairments

Moreover, we won’t ask you for our service fee before you obtain your compensation because we understand the physical, mental, emotional and financial conditions that an accident victim goes through.

We only require one thing from you throughout the legal proceedings and that is your cooperation and assistance whenever required. You have to keep all medical and hospital bills with you along with the list of name of the doctors looking after the victim because it comes handy during the investigation of your case and forms a crucial part of the evidence.

Try to recall all the information about the accident if you were present there as it helps in reconstructing the accident scene to understand the condition and circumstances of the accident. Your cooperation and our experience will get you the successful settlement you deserve.

Vehicle attorneys of our firm are highly skilled and experienced in this branch of personal injury. Besides that, a team of investigation experts work along with them to backup your case with evidences and facts.

For further information on vehicle accident attorney, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

Why Need A Motorcycle Vehicle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle accidents are the most common and most injurious accidents on the roads because of lack of protection for drivers and passengers as compared to enclosed vehicles like cars. Life after injuries isn’t very nice whether it is small or big injury (or injuries) because it is followed by many different problems from physical to financial. So, if you get into a motorcycle accident you need to immediately contact a motorcycle vehicle accident lawyer.

Well, for physical mending of your wounds, youneed a doctor but for financial rescue, you need a motorcycle vehicle accident attorney who can help you get the compensation from the insurance companies or the other party at fault like the other driver, manufacturer of vehicle in case the accident happened due to manufacturing fault in the vehicle etc.

Motorcycle accident is a special type of accident because in some states it doesn’t come under personal injury insurance protection and even the victim (which can be the motorcyclist) can be accused of negligence. Therefore, these cases need special attention and thorough investigation so that the other party couldn’t push their fault to you and accuse you of negligence.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Toronto lawyers are specialized in such cases and have requisite expertise to handle your case and obtain favourable compensation or settlements for you.

Here is the list of cases that our lawyers handle:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Lost Income
  • Future Lost Income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Mental anguish
  • Existing Medical Bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical & or Mental Impairment
  • Future Medical Bills
  • Special equipment to adjust disabilities

Contact our firm’s lawyers for two wheeler accidents such as the motorcycle accident cases rather than leaving yourself at the mercy of insurance companies. These cases are special because the victim also has equal chances of getting accused for the accident and a motorcycle accident attorney at your side will surely be really helpful to advance your stand.

For further information why you should need a motorcycle vehicle accident lawyer, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

How Motor Vehicle accident lawyers help you?

Motor vehicle accidents traumatize a person on various physical and non physical aspects with injuries, theft at the accident site and heavy bills of hospital and medications.

We, My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers at such times provide you legal services specifically dealing with motor vehicle accident cases and claims. We try our best to successfully settle the claim with our highly skilled and experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers who have dealt with various auto accident cases which involve bus, truck, car, motorbike, bicycle and other kinds of automobiles.

As soon as, you approach our lawyers, they will help you understand the details of the legal proceedings in your matter and interview you to get the prerequisite information to file the case. Most of the times, the issues are settled outside the court but if the other party has refused to pay your compensation or accuse you of being at fault, then we will take the case to court to get you your compensation through trial.

It is important to mention that our Motor vehicle accident lawyers have expertise in different situations you can find yourself after the accident which immediately require legal assistance. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • Motor vehicle collisions when injury has occurred to victim.
  • Victim as driver or passenger in a car, truck, motorbike or any other vehicle.
  • Fatality or wrongful death claims.
  • Disability insurance disputes that arise from the impairments.

We do understand the fear, helplessness and confusion of an accident victim and the fact that the amount your claim is asking is important to you. Therefore, we put our best into your case by thoroughly examining it, backing it up with evidence so the other party will not take your case lightly and allege you were at fault. Just call us now at 416-783-8376 whenever you need our legal assistance.

So you see that a motor vehicle accident lawyer is the second person you should approach after an accident to seek legal suggestion, understand the complexity of your insurance papers and forms, to claim your compensation and obtain remedies against the other party if they are refusing your to pay compensation or accuse you for being negligent or careless.

For further information on how motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

Why need a motor vehicle car accident lawyer?

Cars are necessities in life, everyone need but this automobile is also the biggest reasons for most of the accidents in our roads. Whether you had a car accident in a collision with other car or just crossing the street, it will give you small or bigger injuries which will remain with you for a short span or can leave a mark on your body permanently.

It sounds scary but this is the hard truth, an accident will leave you not just with bruises and wounds but it can burden you financially and psychologically as well. If you have insured yourself and your vehicle already, then it is very good, but it does not offset all the inconveniences and sufferings which might occur.

Think, Think again. Where will you get the right suggestion on how to claim your compensation from the other party which is at fault? The answer is that you will go to a lawyer and not just a lawyer, a motor vehicle car accident lawyer.

My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers will provide you with legal services specifically dealing with motor vehicle car accident cases and claims. We are just a call away at 416-783-8378. You can also email us at for a free consultation.

But do the following things just before and after admitting the accident victim into medical care

  • Inform the police authorities about the accident immediately after the accident.
  • At the scene of the accident, collect as much information as possible relating to the accident (i.e. Names, Addresses, License Numbers, Witnesses, Plates, etc.).
  • Contact your insurance company and give them the needed information.
  • Go for the necessary treatment for the injuries and also keep a record of all the expenses for the treatment.
  • Double check for other supplemental insurance policies relating to the accident.

If you do the above mentioned things, the lawyers will tell you any other necessary things needed for getting your compensation.

It is clear from the above that a motor vehicle car accident lawyer is the specialist in handling the minute details and complexity of such cases and is able to give you legal support when you most required it.

For further information on why you need a motor vehicle car accident lawyer, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Accidents can be of various kinds (small or big) but all are equally painful and the victim and his loved ones are the real sufferers because they are drastically affected by the unfortunate event.

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers have a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers who will help and support you throughout the legal proceedings to claim the right amount for your compensation.

Our law firm’s Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto group includes:

  • Accident Benefits Claim
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Slips & Falls
  • Animal/Dog bites
  • Tort Claim
  • Brain/ Spinal Injuries
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Occupiers Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Wrongful / Constructive Dismissal

Our lawyers will assist you in understanding the legal procedure and clear any confusion you may encounter regarding the complex paperwork. After a thorough analysis of the unfortunate event, they will come up with the right compensation amount. If the other party who is at fault denies the payment of compensation or neglects your financial needs then we will help you to take your case to court.

We are always devoted to assisting our clients to get the best out of their cases. Our success is the fruit of perfect coordination of our legal and investigation team which investigates the case and team it up with the solid evidence to make your case stronger.

We understand the mental, emotional and financial stress of our clients as a result of the accident. Therefore, we will not force you to pay our lawyer fees until you get your compensation amount so there is nothing much to lose with us.

Give us a call at 416-783-8378 if you need a personal injury lawyer. You can also email us at for a free consultation.

It is better to consult a personal injury lawyer rather than keep yourself at the mercy of your insurance company at the time of accidents because they can only think and act for their best interests and not your interest.

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

Car Accident Lawyer Toronto

We are never fully prepared for any kind of unfortunate events like accidents. Car accidents are one of those accidents which leave the injured person and his family depressed for a short or long period of time. It can be a small accident or major one, but the main thing is it can affect the accident victim on various aspects like physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. Other problems like high financial loss due to the treatment and loss of job temporarily or permanently further burden the victim.

In such time, our professional auto accident attorneys come to your rescue to safeguard your legal rights. Under our “Car accident lawyer Toronto” team come the highly skilled and experienced lawyers who will help you get the maximum rightful compensation amount for the loss and injury (or injuries) due to the accident from the third party. Have a look at what our attorneys do for you:

  • Give you advice on settlement value of compensation claim
  • Helps you when your insurer put you at fault side
  • Tell you about your rights
  • Clears your confusion over the policy terms of your insurance policy
  • Give their expert review on the legal papers and forms which usually confuses you

How we assure your success?

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the case and gather all the information and solid evidences to ensure the successful settlement of your case and get you right amount of compensation from the other party. In case, the other party refuses to negotiate or neglects your efforts, we will even help you take the case to court.

We will support you from the start and help you in undertaking the legal procedures required (from start to end). We will put in our best to get you the right compensation within a short period of time. Moreover, we do not expect the accident victim or his family to pay for our services until the rightful amount of compensation is received.

Feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you the best service and be by your side in your difficult times.

For further information on car accident lawyer Toronto, please contact My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers by phone at 416-783-8378 or email at

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

How to find the best Car Accident Lawyer in Canada

These days’ lots of cars on the road are increasing by using each and every passing day the number of accidents is also on the upward thrust. When you or your family ones occurs to be concerned in a vehicle accident there is need of a automobile accident attorney to assist you with the authorized proceedings. Handiest by using having a person who is aware of the legal facts is able to obtain you through a doing well trial.

Precisely how do you find the good vehicle accident attorney in your city? Why are you exact that your legal professional has the characteristics and skills that can win your case within the court? Are you certain he can reply to your whole questions and aid all your matters? Automobile accidents are undoubtedly some of the main explanations of injuries in most traffic locations or in highway. An excellent vehicle accident injury lawyer can make a difference in your restoration as well as your full right to monetary compensation.

When you have been in a vehicle accident, be it a car, bike, truck, bus etc. you need to know your legal rights and duties so that you are protected and not taken potential of. Basically, these attorneys represent people concerned or injured within the automobile accidents. If you want to hire best attorney in Canada then we have expert which can recover the damages as well as to represent in court. You can contact with us to fill up the form on the website as well as you can call us to get more information about the legal procedure. Car Accident Lawyer Toronto.

How To Hire Attorney In Canada For Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Personal injury or Vehicle accidents take location in such excellent numbers around the world that it has become a general thing to witness or get concerned into one. If you were lately worried in a motor car vehicle accident, hiring the right vehicle injury lawyer, may determine the amount of compensation you obtain. Also, it is more important to understand that not all attorneys practice specialize on such type of case so you need to consider the best lawyer for personal injury or car accident.

Insurance Claims Lawyer In many cases it can be wholly the other person’s fault that you are made to go on and it becomes your right to be compensated effectively. Nevertheless, in a car vehicle mishap scene the first witness could make police and paramedics who arrive and access the scene.

Once you are going to hire an attorney and sign an agreement should know about his past story, make sure you are aware of the lawyer fees. Most personal injury lawyer work on a possibility fee basis and if they win the case they get a full fee and if they lose then you don’t have to pay for the case.

When you hire specialized Lawyers for mishap victims on searching for redress and claiming compensation for accidents and damages incurred in the process. They analyze your claims, preparing documents and present the case in court accident claim section or to the insurance organizations to facilitate the maximum monetary advantage to their client. For vehicle accident case you need to hire an Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer immediately to report and get benefit from the insurance agency.

For any personal injury, car accident, motor accident claims contact us to get more information. We are here to help you find the best attorney in Canada.

Why You Should Hire An Accident Lawyer Before A Car?

Accidents are the occasions those can turn even a common man who has never even killed a chicken feel like a criminal. Unwillingly, you get trapped within baffling legal issues. Motor Vehicle car accident lawyers are certainly like the life saviours on such occasions. Hence, it is important you be in contact with such a personality from the very day you have bought the vehicle, or have signed the insurance papers.

It’s a fact at the same time that finding a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer can be daunting if you look being specific for the accident issues. This is the reason that wise groups of people stay in connection with these people from the very first day of getting insured. However, you should count professionals only with the desired amount of experience he/she is having on this matter and its diversities.

Insurance Claims LawyerIt’s not about the vehicle’s injury; they help you in bagging the most for your physical injuries as well. Remember, the amount you can bag differs from the injuries of a different level. You may afford for the amount you have to get for a fracture, but when it’s about something serious like related to neurology, then it’s very important that you be in connection with an experienced lawyer for quickest processing.

Car Accidents

Motor accidents can be depressing and painful for the victim and victim’s family members. A car accident may leave you physically, emotionally, mentally and financially weak for short or long duration of time. There are times when the victim has to suffer a lot and the worst case may include a loss of job for lifetime and even a loss of life.

This is the time, where we, ‘My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers & Car Accident Lawyer’step in and become your savior and safeguard your legal rights. This statement holds truth only because our team of experienced and highly skilled lawyers enables you to get the maximum rightful amount of compensation for the losses incurred during and after the car accident from the third party.

We, here have full-fledged team of specialized, experienced and adept professionals who are there to help you and assist you in the cases of car accidents. Though, there are numerous attorneys but only the specialized car accident attorneys are given the cases of car accidents to handle them appropriately.

In fact, the lawyers first listen to your say about the mishap and try to understand the overall situation. After analyzing it, they come up with the amount of compensation that you can seek from the third party.

We not only counsel you but also try to settle down the case with possible negotiations. In case, the third party neglects the efforts made from your side or refuses to negotiate then we tend to take up your care to the court room for hearing, if you say.

We are totally here to support you in your time of despair. Feel a friend and a guide in us as we will assure you about the compensation that you will get within short span of time. More than this, we also represent you in the court room and take up the case sincerely so that it progresses in the positive direction.

We make all possible, sincere and honest efforts in getting you your rightful amount of compensation. Unlike others in the industry, we do not expect the victim or victim’s family members to pay the fees of our legal services till you receive your full amount of compensation.

Feel free to contact us and give us an opportunity to serve you in the best manner and support you in your tough times.

Wrongful / Constructive Dismissal

Employment is one thing that keeps any person at peace. The word “termination”, “fired” are disturbing and can also disturb the whole life of not only the particular employee but also his family members. Several reasons can contribute to the situation of leaving a job or being fired from a job.

At times people fall victim to wrongful dismissal i.e. an employee is wrongfully terminated for no just cause. Apart from this, there is one more situation when an employee is forced to quit. This is called constructive dismissal.

For the two aforementioned situations, the affected person can retain the services of a lawyer to sue the company for wrongful dismissal and demand for compensation. This is where we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers come in to help you. We have a team of skilled lawyers who have vast experience in cases of wrongful and constructive dismissal. We try our best to achieve best results for our clients.

We understand that termination from employment is highly disturbing and can hamper your inner and social self esteem. An individual can go through several bad situations after losing their job such as anxiety, discomfort and distress. To tackle all these problems and continue to support yourself and your family members, we can help you receive the due compensation that you rightly deserve.

We will do our best to understand your case properly, after which we will file an action in court on your behalf, unless you instruct us to first discuss settlement with your company. Once the case starts, we take care of the proceedings and try to obtain the rightful compensation for you.

Our team of lawyers has handled several similar cases in the past and is therefore confident obtaining rewarding compensation for you. Our erudite and experienced lawyers understand all the complexities involved in wrongful and constructive dismissal cases and will fight the case accordingly in order to obtain favourable results for you, which will enable you receive your full compensation.

With such a determination, we treat our clients with utmost care and understand what they are going through. Most importantly, we do not force you to pay us in advance. We will proceed to complete your work, so that once you receive your compensation you can then pay the fees for our services.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a term that is given to a situation where any professional negligence occurs in the discharge of the services of a healthcare provider. Medical Malpractice cases are very difficult to prosecute. Hence the need for you to be clear about your rights at the outset. It is a professional negligence by the act or omission of a healthcare provider. Medical malpractice suits usually arise due to the action or omission of a medical practitioner or health care provider which results in professional negligence. In other words, medical malpractice occurs when any of the doctor, hospital, nurse, or other healthcare providers deviates from the set standard of care. In many cases, the negligence also results in injury or death. This is a devastating situation for the patient involved as well as the family members of the patient. Negligence must be proven through the use of the testimony of expert medical witnesses that the patient has to retain. This is so because in all cases of medical malpractice, the proof of want of care, which is the basis issue that must be resolved, are typically beyond the knowledge of the ordinary jury. The jury are lay members of the community who have to decide the case at the end of the trial. You must ensure that you have convincing strong evidence about the negligence of the medical practitioner or health care provider.

Some of the common medical malpractice claims include:

  • Bed Sores (decubitus ulcers, pressure sores) and Infections
  • Birth Injuries (cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy)
  • Pharmacy and Prescription Medicine Errors
  • Pulmonary Embolism or DVT
  • Emergency Medical Errors
  • Failure to Diagnose or Diagnostic Errors
  • LASIK Malpractice
  • Surgical Errors and more

At such times, you need an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can assist you and can help you evaluate whether indeed medical malpractice has occurred or not from the conduct of the healthcare provider. If indeed there was a medical malpractice, then of necessity, the victim can seek compensation for all their losses. Here at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers, we have expert team of lawyers who are here to help you at such times when you truly need help. Our lawyers represent individuals and their families where the healthcare provider has breached the required standard of care in diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

We are always available to patiently listen to your problems. After listening to what you want from us, we start offering our services so that your problems can be sorted out and you can lead a better, healthy and comfortable life in the near future. Our law firm will assist you in your Medical Malpractice suit to ensure that you receive your full compensation. As seasoned barristers we will work diligently in getting the compensation you deserve. Call us right away. We offer free consultation and you have nothing to lose.

Brain / Spinal Injuries

In the past 30 years, brain injury has become a significant medical and societal concern that ought to be taken seriously. With the invention of new medical technology, many people who would have died are now surviving severe brain injuries. When it comes to injuries, it is usually about the person being physically hurt. Typically there are two types of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Open and Closed injury. Both types can cause complete paralysis and even death. These problems posed by brain and spinal injury vary depending on how widespread brain damage is and the location of the injury. Most often, brain and spinal injuries are followed by long term medication, therapies, and treatments, all of which are aimed at bringing a life back to normal. In many cases, the people who go through brain or spinal injuries even die in the process. This causes a loss of income and a loss of life to the family affected

An Open Injury consists of a fracture to the skull and is usually caused by a significant blow to the head. On the other hand, a Closed Injury occurs when there is no fracture to the skull. Notwithstanding, it should be noted that a closed injury could be more dangerous as there might be swelling in the brain, though there is no actual fracture to the skull.

To avoid such serious situations, people take insurance coverage that can cover serious injuries like brain and spinal injury. That is the period where My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers step in and are ready to help you in seeking the maximum and rightful compensation from the defaulting party.

Usually, people who are going through brain and spinal injury look up to insurance companies. But you need to be insured before you can be covered. Through insurance coverage, victims can get enough money to either continue their medication for further period of time or secure the life of other members of their family. But insurance agents do not help victims in the best possible manner.

In most cases, the cost of brain and spinal injury is astronomical financially, socially and emotionally. So, it is highly recommended that you meet our lawyers, as we will help you throughout the procedure in getting the rightful compensation. Our team of lawyers has vast experience in this particular field and can handle your case with positive results if you have a good case and all the circumstances are favourable to you. Our lawyers have assisted people in the past to get their full compensation.

Our lawyers have gained expertise in their work and have created a niche in the Ontario personal injury marketplace.

If you have suffered or are still going through any kind of brain and spinal injury or have sustained an accident in which you hit your head somewhere and are seeking your compensation from the defaulting party can, please get in touch with our highly skilled and dedicated lawyers today for a free consultation. If you have suffered a brain injury or diagnosed to be suffering from brain injury, you will need to contact our law firm to recover your full compensation for you.

Slip and Fall

It is a well known fact that most incidents that take place in our lives are unpredictable, though at times they can be planned. But in cases of accidents and injuries, nobody will like to plan it in advance and they can occur anytime in your life.

One most common type of injuries that occur is from slip and fall accidents. Sometime, the injuries are minor and can be taken care of easily. But in many occasions, injuries caused by slip and fall accidents are serious as they turn up so worse that people need to carry on with their treatments, medications and therapies for a long period of time or it might even be for a lifetime.

Certainly you would require enough amount of money to be able to carry on with medication and treatments for as much time as you want. In such situations, usually people seek for compensation from the person or any third party involved in the accident.

If you require legal help while seeking compensation for your slip and fall, please get in touch with our experienced team of lawyers at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers. We have a team of handpicked lawyers, who have dealt with many similar cases of slip and fall in the past through which they have in turn gained expertise. We are so much knowledgeable in the handling of slip and fall cases and assisting our clients get their deserved compensation.

We always ensure that we achieve good results for our clients in the form of rightful amount of compensation. Another rewarding thing about our services is that until and unless you receive your compensation, we will not charge you anything in the form of fees. Once you receive your compensation, you can then make payments for our services to you. Please feel free to contact us and give us a chance to serve you.

Orthopaedic Injuries

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers have represented many people who have suffered orthopedic injuries comprising of broken bones, fractures, torn ligaments and other bone and joint injuries.

We seriously understand various aspects of these serious injuries that can cause severe pain and can also lead to further problems later in time. We are here to help you to get the medical care and insurance compensation that you require.

Apart from orthopedic surgeries suffered during accidents, we also help and assist the people whose of orthopedic injury claims. In fact, the errors made by the doctors also fall under the same category.

In any situation, if you suffer from orthopedic injury, we are here to help you in the best possible manner. Some of the common orthopedic injuries for which we will be able to get you benefits are as follows:

  • Broken bones; wrists, legs and arms
  • Hip injuries
  • Injuries to joints/ joint damage
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Back injury
  • Injured spinal cord
  • Injuries to knees
  • Injuries that require surgeries and many more

So, anyone who feels that there is need of compensation for the losses incurred due to orthopedic injury, simply contact us and speak to our able and skilled lawyers. With our high level of knowledge and vast experience, our lawyers will accomplish your work with utmost sincerity and effortlessly.

Fire and Water Claims

Nobody knows what life has to offer. If there are happy moments, then certainly there are sad moments too. Likewise, some houses may go through fire and water damage at different point in time. In such situations, one thing that will come up in your mind is the restoration of the house or how you can get the damages fixed. Moreover, there are people who also want to get the compensation their furniture, upholstery and other valuable things that were available in the house prior to the damage.

This is the time, when we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers step in to help you in the best possible manner. It is not advisable to communicate with insurance adjusters on your own without a legal representative. Dealing with them without a legal representative is very dangerous as you can hamper your claims in several ways. Usually, the insurance companies and their adjusters try to act only in the manner that favours their interests. But why should that surprise you. They will want to get maximum return on their investment.

That is the reason why you need a legal representative who will project your own interests over those of the insurance companies to get you maximum compensation. So, it is better to contact people who can actually help you to overcome your losses and restore things after fire and water damages in the easiest manner. We are here to help you achieve that aim.

We understand your situation and will help you in getting the requisite compensation that you deserve in the early days so that you can easily rent out a flat or live in a hotel for the time being till your house is restored to its original state. We will also do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled to so that you can easily get over the losses caused by fire and water damage.

In case of water losses, there are different types of losses that are needed to be taken care of. In most cases, water damages the whole house ranging from walls to the floors to other parts of the house. We ensure that the insurance company receives an estimate that covers all your damages. We are here to help you in cases of fire and water damage and will give ensure that you remain in a relaxed state of mind even after heavy fire and water damage. A trial will convince you. You have nothing to lose by calling us as we provide free consultation.

Critical Illness

We try our best to plan for the future so that our family and loved ones are cared for in the event of an un-foreseen tragedy or illness. Advertisements from insurance companies tell you that in the event of a heart attack, cancer, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, burns, brain injury, or some other unfortunate tragedy, that you will be covered for up to, $1,000,000. It’s called critical illness insurance and it sounds like a great idea to everyone who’s heard about it. The problem is that when these claims are denied for no apparent reason, you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. And the premiums for critical illness insurance are costly. So now you’ve paid and paid and paid your costly premiums, only you don’t get the benefit which you deserve.

When the chips are down, and your critical illness insurer has denied you or a family member after a medical tragedy which you believed ought to be covered under your critical illness policy, don’t hesitate to call ‘My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers’ today for your free consultation. We have helped countless of other people in your situation get their claims approved. When your critical illness insurer hasn’t given you the peace of mind which you deserve, let the Personal Injury Law restore that peace to your life. Call today for your free consultation.

Wrongful Death

What do you understand by the term wrongful death? In legal parlance, wrongful death is basically a condition of death that has been caused by the fault of any other person. Some of the most common causes of wrongful death that fall under the ambit of law include:

  • Driving while drunk
  • A defective product
  • The construction of an unsound structure or building
  • Nursing home negligence and
  • Failure to diagnose any fatal disease>

Family who suffer from wrongful death of their family member can retain a lawyer to handle their claims against the person causing the wrongful death. This is the time when we come into the scene. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers help you to handle wrongful death claims. We understand the trauma that people go through once their loved one has been killed in a wrongful manner.

Our team of experienced and dedicated lawyers provides their full legal assistance to get the best results for our clients in all situations. Be it settling down with negotiations between the two parties or be it taking the case to the court room in the event that negotiations fail, every bit of it is done in order to make the client get the maximum and rightful amount of compensation. The interests of our clients matter so much to us.

First, we patiently listen to all what you have to say. This is followed by our highly skilled lawyers analyzing your case to determine the best strategy that will yield the highest amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Afterwards, our lawyers will represent you in the court and take full care of the proceedings so that the client can receive the maximum compensation that they deserve. Accordingly, anyone who is seeking compensation in wrongful death case should contact us and we will provide you with free consultation without any further obligation. Moreover, you do not need to pay for our services until your case is won. In order words, you only pay if we win.

Toxic Mould Claims

Mould is a substance that occurs naturally and is always present in the environment. Usually, the toxic moulds are those containing some of the toxic substance that can harm living beings, be it humans or animals. The occurrences of toxic moulds have drastically increased over a period of time due to environmental factors, which has in turn increased the threat to people as it can have various harmful effects.

With the increased occurrence of toxic moulds, people affected by its harmful effects have also increased. Finding a competent lawyer who can take up your case of toxic mould is certainly not an easy task. This is also because toxic mould law is comparatively a new area of law and its legislation is also relatively new.

Notwithstanding, we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers provide to our clients seasoned professional guidance and free consultation in all cases of toxic mould claims. Our skilled, experienced and erudite lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all the possibilities of recoveries in toxic mould claims, and thus can assuredly deal with any kind of toxic mould claims that is presented to us. Our expertise in this particular field of toxic mould claims has made us quite confident in being able to represent you and assist you in obtaining the relevant compensation for your case.

Our team of professional lawyers will easily determine other related issues that may be litigated along with your mould case such as housing issues or property damage apart from health issues that occur as a result of harmful effects of toxic moulds. If you or any of your friends or family has suffered from health issues due to toxic substances, kindly contact us immediately so that we can help you in the best possible manner.

We are here to assist you in the best possible manner so that you can obtain the right amount of compensation that your case is worth to lead a comfortable life ahead or even continue with the medication and treatments for the time period required. Do not wait any further, call us today to avoid delay in your recovery.

Long Term Disability

Injuries are a cause of concern. In some cases people take little time to recover from the injuries, whereas there are other severe injuries that may impact the whole life of an individual. Such injuries are typically listed under the category of long term disability.

Usually what happens is that long term disability prevents people from being able to return to work for an extended period of time. This situation makes people fall short of funds. To support their livelihood or the medications in the long run, people usually resort to taking out long term disability insurance coverage. However, when it comes to the period when they suffer from long term disability, the insurance companies may make it difficult for those insured persons to obtain their compensation. That is the reason why it is necessary to retain our services, as we strive to help you in getting the rightful amount of compensation.

To obtain the full amount of compensation from the insurance company, you surely need experienced and dedicated lawyers. That is the reason why My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers come into the scene. Our knowledgeable lawyers are very much aware of all the long term disability benefits that you are entitled to.

Many a times, the payment of benefits are also stopped before you are able to return to work. We are here to save you from such ugly situations and try to pave the way for you to receive enough compensation till the time you are fit to return back to work.

There is no doubt that you need experienced, trusted advocacy and reliable legal support which we offer you at your doorstep. Our lawyers solely understand every complexity that can arise under long term disability claims and thus support you in the best possible manner throughout the process. In the event that your long term disability benefits are suddenly terminated or your claim was denied, we are here to help you fight for your rights. We will strive to ensure that you receive all the help you need in getting the benefits you rightly deserve.

Accordingly, anyone who is going through problems with their long term disability insurance claims can contact us and seek our guidance. We offer free consultation, so you have nothing to lose when you call us.

Home Insurance Claims

Home is certainly one of the prized and durable possessions that a person can own for a lifetime. Everyone wants to prevent severe damage to their house, but there are times when the house undergoes major damages or losses. There may be various reasons that may cause the damage. Fire and water are two main causes that can damage a house.

In such a situation, people usually think of seeking compensation from the insurance company. On the contrary, insurance companies do not always provide support to victims of fire and water damages; rather they try to save their money by leaving the victims in agonized and helpless conditions. This is the reason why we are here to assist you. We are here to fill the void that is created. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers assist you in your legal matters related to home insurance claims and compensation cases.

In any event where the insurance company refuses to pay your compensation for fire and water damage, you are advised to right away get in touch with us as our team of lawyers have vast experience in this particular field and can sort out all your issues in the best possible manner.

We have a team of seasoned lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the complexities that can occur in home insurance claims. With our vast experience, you can be reassured that we have gained expertise which makes us confident that we can help our clients with good results.

Our lawyers have represented many clients in the past with home insurance claim issues and have been successful. Our lawyers have the requisite expertise and will assist you to receive the maximum compensation that you deserve. Basically we have some streamlined factors that make us different from other law firms such as:

  • our lawyers are personable, dependable, reliable and dedicated
  • we strive to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation for your damaged house

First of all, we try to settle dthe matter between our client and the insurance company. If positive result is achieved through negotiations and mediation, then it is well and good. In the event that settlement did not materialize, then the next step is taken i.e. we proceed with litigation and take the case to court. It is our policy and practice that our lawyers will first listen to your case thoroughly and then represent you in court and take care of the court proceedings. We strive to get you the best compensation that you deserve. Contact us today if you are seeking compensation for your home insurance claims.

Chronic Pain

Extensive medical and legal troubles are common after an accident or trauma. It may also result in chronic pain. Very few cases of chronic pains are diagnosed easily while the rest are left unsorted and unsolved. This gives rise to complications that lead to litigation and the receipt of compensation by the victim of the chronic pain. This is the more reason why you need useful legal counseling from experienced and dedicated chronic pain injury lawyers like My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers.

Here at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers we play a significant role in the lives of our chronic pain injury clients by providing comfort and assistance to them. Sometimes, the patients of chronic pain are severely impacted that it becomes difficult for them to manage their work and social activities. Experience has shown that chronic pain may affect the following aspect of a victim’s life:

  • Short term ability to work
  • Long term career plans, especially if your career involves physical activity
  • Ability to take care of your home and family
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Ability to do the activities you used to do
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Emotional Health
  • Relationships and many more

We seriously understand the problem the chronic pain injury victim goes through, which is the reason that informs our decision to represent people who suffer chronic pain injuries. We religiously devote ourselves to the needs of our client and make every possible efforts to obtain maximum compensation for them so that it becomes easy for them to pay for their medical treatments and services that can reduce their pain and make up for their lost income.

We offer free consultation to all our motor vehicle accident clients, including chronic pain injury clients. This is so because we have a team of experienced lawyers with over a decade of practice in the handling of personal injury claims and compensation cases. Our lawyers certainly have attained expertise in personal injury claims especially chronic pain matters. The first step we take towards guiding you is that we listen to you patiently and then thoroughly review your case and discuss with you what we can do to get you proper medical care and compensation. This is how we work for our clients to gain their assurance that we are worth hiring. It is our nature to strive to work hard to obtain excellent results for you.

Victim of Drunk Driving

Drinking is an individual’s choice, but when this habit of a drinker results in pain and suffering to other person, then it is time for a reality check.

Most often, people in high spirits, drive ruthlessly as they do not have control of themselves at the time of intoxication. In such times, people usually cause harm to other persons, be it a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a passenger or even themselves. These drunken driving accidents may result in serious injuries to the victims.

Without any fault of yours, you might end up with serious and permanent injuries which lead to long term medication, therapies and other debilitating procedures. Personal injuries arising from drunk driving automatically result in financial burden, loss of income, loss of job, emotional trauma, depression, and in the worst cases wrongful death.

These are the times when you need assistance from the people who can help you get the right amount of compensation for all the losses incurred as a result of the drunken driving accident. Being a victim of drunk driving, you can sue the responsible person and can also seek the maximum compensation from the person concerned.

This is the time that we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers step in as your legal representatives to assist you. We represent victims of drunken driving accidents. In case you have suffered a serious or permanent injury because of the negligence of another person, we will help you seek maximum and right financial compensation that can cover all your losses.

Please feel free to contact us in case you or any of your family members or friends is a victim of drunken driving accident. We will assist you with free consultation without any obligation. You have nothing to lose. Therefore, we encourage you to call immediately.

Burns and Scars

Though an injury of any kind is painful, a severe burn is one of the most painful injuries that anyone can suffer. In most of the traumatic burn cases, problems like scars can occur and may be a loss of facial feature, finger or toes can occur. In fact, the severe burns scars can take up to two long years of get healed before surgery can be done.

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help you with long term burns and scars problems. We are here to support you in litigation for burns and scars compensation cases. This is so because any person who suffers from scars, burns and other disfigurements is entitled to a settlement.

We offer you first free consultation with no further obligations. Moreover, we offer our litigation services for various medical conditions that include scars, amputation injuries and discoloration of the skin or other disfigurement. Apart from pain and suffering, emotional damage, financial loss and the loss of self-esteem, the injuries caused by burns also require various corrective medical procedures that may include:

  • Reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery
  • Skin graft operations including surgery to take healthy tissue from another part of the body
  • Surgical removal of scar tissue and adhesions

With so much that comes in your way when you are severely burnt, we are here to help you with our experienced and dedicated lawyers. Our lawyers will represent you to pursue the full benefits that you are entitled to in accordance with the law.

If you or anyone close to you suffers burn accidents and are seeking compensation, please contact us as we are here to help you so that you can get the compensation that you are entitled to and have peace of mind.

Find Top Lawyer for Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Miseries, physical, mental and financial trauma are common side effects of motor vehicle accidents. Other than medicine, treatments and therapies, one more thing that can actually help you in overcoming the trauma to a certain extent is a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

We, at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers, offer you legal services specifically dealing with motor vehicle accident cases and their claims. We assure you that we will provide the expert, adept and specialized motor vehicle accident lawyers who have won many cases in past to assist you.

There are several adverse affects that a person can go through after a serious road accident and for which you can hire the professional lawyers, these effects are:

  • injury to the brain or spine
  • permanent to temporary disability
  • severe chronic pain
  • wrongful death, among others

Our lawyers are well experienced on how to handle car accident cases in court and take forward the proceedings in the favor of our clients. If you are the innocent victim then our lawyers can help you in getting the rightful compensation by proving that the other party is at default and as such providing you with the compensation that you need.

The moment you get in touch with our experienced lawyers, they study your case thoroughly and then advise you on how we can assist you in claiming the compensation.

We can assure you that our lawyers will not only assist you in obtaining the actual amount of compensation that you can demand from the defaulting party but will also file a legal action in court if such compensation is not paid. In representing you in court, our lawyers pursue the legal proceedings on your behalf from start to finish. Moreover, our lawyers have expertise in different situations and respective claims such as:

  • motor vehicle collisions when injury has occurred
    • as a driver or passenger in a car or truck
    • as an operator of a motorcycle
    • as an operator of a motorcycle
    • fatality or wrongful death claims
    • disability insurance disputes that arise from your impairments
    • You can undoubtedly hire our lawyers who have expertise in winning the compensation for motor vehicle accident cases. Once you hire our lawyers, you will certainly see the difference. Moreover, until we win your case and get you the rightful compensation, no service fees will be taken from you. In other words, you only pay if we win. So you have nothing to lose. It is a ‘win’ ‘win’ situation for you. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers understand the challenges you face after meeting an accident and thus your recovery is our first priority. A trial will definitely convince you. Call us now at 416-783-8376 or 1-800-6727266.

Tort Claim

It is a well known fact that when anyone goes through severe accident, that particular individual is entitled to numerous kinds of claims. These claims do fall under the category of torts claims. Usually, people who go through traumatic injuries are unable to recollect themselves and thus go through bad phase in life for long period of time or may be throughout the remainder of their life.

In such a situation, you will benefit immensely from legal guidance that can lead you to better results and can even make your life comfortable and transformed. This particular field of torts claims is where we at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers excel. We offer top litigation services to all our clients especially for torts claims. These specific claims comprise different kinds of injuries that occurred in various accidents.

We ensure that our clients do receive high quality medical care, along with compensation for different conditions including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance expenses
  • Full and on-going health care expenses and
  • Claims by family members for loss of care, guidance and companionship.

We offer free consultation with no further obligation. Our expert team of lawyers keep in mind that our clients get the maximum rightful amount of compensation that they are entitled to as a result of an accident. Our seasoned lawyers have vast years of experience and in-depth knowledge of torts claims and other areas of personal injury. Please feel free to contact us for your free consultation.

Find Top Lawyer for Insurance Benefits and Claims

Of a truth, a person who goes through severe motor vehicle accident suffers traumatic phase of life. The motor vehicle accident may occur due to several possible reasons. To compensate the accident victims for all the losses incurred, the individuals are required to seek their benefits from an insurance company to compensate for different aspects of their losses and injuries such as:

  • Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Income Replacement Benefits
  • Housekeeping
  • Childcare
  • Non Earner Benefits
  • Attendant Care Benefits
  • Caregiver Benefits and other expenses too

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers help you in getting the full compensation for all the losses you incurred after the accident. According to the law, the right to receive accident benefits is available to anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who was at fault or what was the reason for the accident. Seeking compensation may seem an easy process, but in reality it is not easy. For this reason, you require an experienced lawyer who can help you in getting your full compensation. You can certainly rely on our reputable lawyers who have vast experience in this field and offer reliable services to our clients.

Moreover, the talked about benefits can also be categorized into two major sections such as:

  • Mandatory Benefits: when a person who gets injured in a car accident asks the insurance company to pay for their rehabilitation, lost income, housekeeping and other expenses, if the insurance company refuses to pay for any of the benefits then the injured person can proceed to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario or the courts to require the insurance company to pay.
  • Tort Claims: in this type of claims, a person injured in a car accident sues the insurance company of the person who caused the accident to get the money for rehabilitation, pain and suffering, psychological trauma, rebuilding of their home to accommodate their disability, other expenses and loses related to the accident.

Accordingly, if you want compensation from the driver of the vehicle that struck you, whether you are a driver or pedestrian, you should contact us, as we are there to help you and protect your rights.

Animal and Dog Bites

Dogs are usually considered as one of the best friends of humans. But sometimes friends even turn into foes. This actually happens when dogs attack humans. Animals such as cats, horses and other animals are comparatively less involved in the cases of bites to humans.

The most rampant cases among all animal to human confrontations are cases of dog bites in which people can go through minute injuries to severe injuries that can even lead to permanent disfigurement requiring surgery. In some cases, the dog bites leave the people with lifelong psychological impacts.

If you are the one who has suffered or still going through the trauma of dog bite, you can right away claim for your losses. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers can help you with every aspect of dog and animal bites claims and compensations.

We have a team of skilled and highly experienced personal injury lawyers who look into these cases of dog bites and animal bites. Our adept lawyers know well how to deal with such cases and how to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. We also count the value on the full amount of your losses, which includes:

  • Lost income
  • Extraordinary medical costs for cosmetic surgery
  • Psychological counseling of the victim and
  • Damages for emotional trauma.

In the case of dog and animal bite, our lawyers contact the owner of the dog/animal because the owner of the animal is the person responsible for paying the compensation of the victim. In such a scenario, it becomes really significant to recognize the real owner of the dog. Our lawyers will support you by representing you in the court and making required arguments on your behalf at appropriate moments in order to obtain the right compensation for you.

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers understand the problems you face and all your concerns. As such, we aim at providing the best assistance to you in your dog bites and attacks and also help you in obtaining the maximum compensation for all your losses.

Contacting us will certainly be of assistance to all your dog and animal bite problems as you will be heading in the right direction for well deserved compensation. Above all, we do not burden you by asking for fees until you obtain your full compensation. Truly in your service, we also provide free consultation to all our personal injury clients, including clients with dog and animal bite cases.

Occupier’s Liability

As the term suggests, the occupier’s liability claim is all about when you enter any premises or real estate area and get injured. In that case, you can seek compensation from the person who owns or rents that particular area. Actually, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the safety of that area for the visitors who visit it. But in any case, if the visitor gets injured, then the owner of the property is liable to pay damages or compensation for the losses, depending on the extent of the loss of the visitor.

But the problem with these cases is that to find the responsible and apt party is a very tough thing to do. So, it is significant to first get in touch with lawyers who are specialized in occupier’s liability. We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in the best possible manner with your occupier’s liability claim cases.

This is so because we have highly skilled and experienced lawyers who have in-depth knowledge in occupier’s liability who can easily guide you in your matter. Moreover, our lawyers can easily determine if you have a case, and if yes, then our lawyers are available to gather evidence in order to prove your case and file claims on your behalf accordingly.

Some of the specific services that we offer under our occupier’s liability practice are as follows:

  • We determine whether you did your part in keeping yourself safe
  • We identify the cause of your injuries
  • To determine whether the negligent property owners were already aware that their actions could result into someone’s injury
  • Identify who is responsible for your injuries, whether they are the owner or someone else that includes a landlord, a tenant, a manager or a third-party contractor such as cleaning staff or a construction company
  • Identify which party has how much share of responsibility on the area where the accident took place
  • Apart from all the above, we also identify any special characteristics of the unsafe premises because different areas have different expectations for safety
  • We make sure that the deadlines are strictly followed
  • We determine whether the responsible parties acted reasonably in order to keep the premises safe

With so much to offer, My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers will protect you and your rights. If necessary, we also represent you to obtain all your compensation for the losses you incurred.

Product Liability

What do you understand by product liability? Product liability actually refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for the damage caused by that particular product. Product liability mostly includes the following group of people:

  • Manufacturer of component parts
  • An assembling manufacturer
  • The wholesaler and
  • The retail store owner.

In many cases, different defective products also cause harm to consumers. In that case they also it fall under the product liability suits. Usually, the product liability claims are based on negligence or breach of warranty, but there can be other reasons as well that are responsible for filing a legal suite.

You can contact us at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers as, we are here to help you in cases related to product liability. We have a team of personal injury lawyers who can assist and guide you whenever you are injured by any product. With our in-depth knowledge and vast experience, we have gained expertise in the handling of cases in product liability practice area. Moreover, we put in all our efforts to get you the adequate compensation you are entitled to in cases of product liability or any other personal injury or any kind of damage due to someone’s product.

Our lawyers are well versed and knowledgeable with the laws of product liability and hence are able to protect consumer’s rights. Since, we are backed by long years of experience we have also represented many consumers who have been seriously injured with defective products at different places such as home or workplace. The following cases of product liability are well within our competence and we assure you that we are here to handle them for you:

  • • Talcum powder product liability cases
  • • Vehicle rollovers claims
  • • Faulty product cases
  • • Boat accident claims
  • • Electrical injuries claims
  • • Infant and child automobile safety seats cases
  • • Commercial airline crashes injuries claims
  • • Unsafe baby toys injuries claim and many more

We will also ensure that we recover huge amounts of compensation for you. We are here to help you in cases of Product Liability. Right away get in touch with us to commence proper handling of your product liability matters.

Bus Accidents

While a passenger in a bus, you might feel relaxed and burden free as you are not the person driving the bus. But sometimes you turn out to be unlucky as bus accidents do take place, just like any other vehicle using the road. In most of the cities like Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Barrie, and all other cities in the GTA, due to the increasing population and many vehicles on the road, many people use buses as it appears more convenient for people.

At times, bus accidents give you severe injuries that are followed up with:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Medication
  • Treatments
  • Financial burden
  • Physical loss and
  • Mental stress

In such a case, you might think of personal injury lawyer who has specialization in claiming compensation for bus accidents.

Before doing anything, it is necessary for you to know whether you are entitled to make a personal injury claim or not. For that you definitely need an experienced and knowledgeable bus accident lawyer.

At this time of your predicament, My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers come very handy. We are here to assist you in every possible manner in matters of bus accident. We will certainly help you in not only claiming against the driver of the bus and the owner of the bus, but also ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that is right for the entire trauma you have gone through after the bus accident.

We basically represent individuals and families from all around Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, including Hamilton, New Market, Barrie etc who have gone through bus accidents in the past, present or future or who are still going through heavy looses, be it mental, physical or financial.

Most importantly, we not only help the passengers of the bus that have been involved in accidents, but also assist pedestrians who have been injured in a bus accident while walking on the streets.

Our highly skilled professionals advocate on behalf of those who have suffered a serious personal injury due to bus accident and due to the negligence of others too. Listening to your concerns and thoroughly investigating your claims and providing an honest assessment of the possible claim you may have comes under our bus accident practice.

Our adept team of lawyers will help you in getting compensation for the public bus injuries that can include:

  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Serious head injuries
  • Back injuries and
  • Other severe injuries.

We work diligently to obtain compensation for all your short term and long term needs. In carrying out our duties, we also consult medical specialists, rehabilitative and vocational experts so that the accurate diagnosis of the impact of the injury can be made that will help in obtaining maximum compensation against the bus driver and the bus owner.

With so much detailed working procedure, we strive really hard and don’t leave any stone unturned in getting the rightful compensation for our clients. So, anyone who has gone through bus accident should right away get in touch with our friendly, co-operative, patient and knowledgeable bus accident lawyers who will give you free consultation. Act fast before it is too late. Pick up the phone and call us now.

Bicycle Accidents

It is a known fact that Toronto is one of the most bicycle friendly cities of North America, but this has also not saved Toronto from observing the serious bicycle accidents. Despite the fact that most of the streets of Toronto have separate bicycle lanes, many bicycle accidents still occur. There are times when people suffer from serious injuries or even die because of other drivers’ irresponsible driving.

Bicycles offer very little structural protection to their riders. Cyclists hit by car or other motor vehicles are certainly at higher risk of sustaining serious injuries that include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Fracture and broken bones
  • Wrongful death
  • Abrasions and road rash and
  • Partial or permanent disability

This is the time when you actually want to claim the compensation for the losses that can range from:

  • medical costs
  • lost income
  • pain and suffering
  • physical loss and
  • other damages

We at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers assist and represent the victims and families of bicycle accidents and the families of wrongful death victims of bicycle accidents. After a detailed analysis and study of your case, our lawyers decide the rightful compensation that you can actually claim from the other parties responsible for the accident.

We have a vast experience in the field of bicycle accidents which we will readily apply in your bicycle accident. The moment you get in touch with our experienced bicycle accident lawyers, we will commence work on your matter. Our lawyers work to their full ability so that you can easily obtain all the benefits and compensation that you may be entitled.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, we are here to help and assist you. We care about all your issues as it relates to claiming and obtaining your compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to road accidents, motorcycles are the most vulnerable ones. The motorists suffer from more serious and severe injuries, including death, whenever any accident takes place. There is no doubt that life after serious injuries is miserable. When you get injured due to another driver’s fault, then you require a personal injury lawyer who has experience in motorcycle accident claims and compensation cases.

When you need such an experienced lawyer, just contact us at My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers. We are here to explain to you all the available options open to you so that you can pursue compensation for all your losses including medical bills and other things. You can get in touch with our lawyers right after the accident has taken place so that our lawyers can collect all necessary information and evidence to support your claims for appropriate compensation.

There are many areas from which a victim of motorcycle accident is entitled to receive compensation, a few of them are as follows:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Lost Income
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Future Lost Income
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Existing Medical Bills
  • Disfigurement
  • Future Medical Bills
  • Physical and / or Mental Impairment
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Special equipment to adjust disabilities

With such a vast area of compensation in cases of motorcycle accidents, it is sure that you would also like to get the support for a better future. We always begin our work with a free consultation and free case evaluation. The moment we are convinced that your case has some merit or strength, we will move forward to take your case to court and assist you in challenging the insurance company for your compensation.

Most importantly, with us, you need not pay anything to us till you have received your compensation in your hands. Once you get your compensation, you are then required to pay for our services and the expenses incurred in prosecuting your case. Contact us right away for immediate and accurate evaluation of your case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents are usually harmful for everyone who goes through it. In fact, pedestrian accidents can be destructive and devastating that it may result into serious injuries or even death. If anyone from your family or friends have suffered from severe accident, then it is considered best to hire an experienced and dependable lawyer who will handle the case passionately with positive results.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, what can be best than My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers? We offer our consulting and litigation services to the clients who have gone through bad pedestrian accidents. Some of the major reasons that contribute to serious pedestrian accidents include:

  • “Blind” Driveways
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Ignoring Stop Sign
  • Ignoring Surroundings and many more

Due to these aforementioned reasons, the pedestrians become victims of harsh accidents and incur severe injuries. These injuries may comprise of:

  • Paralysis
  • Broken, sprained and fractured bones
  • Brain Damage
  • Road Rash
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Nerve Damage
  • Torn Ligaments and many more

In many cases, the pedestrian dies, which again falls under the ambit of pedestrian accident claims. So, we at Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers are here are to save and protect your rights and get you the required compensation for the accident that occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who look into the matters of pedestrian accidents claims and compensation cases. So anytime, you or anyone of your known confronts such serious accident, kindly get in touch with us immediately. The immediacy of contact certainly holds importance as it determines the strength of evidences and information that is collected from the accident site.

Contact us for a free consultation with no further obligation and challenge the third party to pay the compensation for all the losses you have incurred after the accident took place. From the time you have not received your compensation, there is no need to pay us, as we understand your situation. Once you receive your compensation, then you can pay us for our devoted services. In other words, you only pay if we win.

Back and Neck Injuries

The health issues related to back and neck are usually troublesome. Most of the times, the people who suffer from back and neck injuries develop chronic pain. In some of the cases, surgeries may also be suggested by the doctor. All these situations indicate that you will be better represented by knowledgeable and experienced attorneys.

My Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers can be your best option because we have a team of seasoned and dedicated lawyers who have vast experience. We help the victims of back and neck injuries to obtain the right compensation for their injuries. We are here to help you throughout with the right legal advice through consultation and apt guidance.

Once you are here, our highly skilled lawyers assist you so that you will not only receive the proper medical treatment but also get the maximum amount of compensation that you rightly deserve for the losses. All the procedures of receiving the compensation are applied, be it settlement and negotiations or a trial of the matter in court over certain period of time.

Our professionally trained lawyers know it very well, how to deal with the case and how to get the compensation from the requisite insurance company. Back and neck injuries can include several injuries, including the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Compression fractures
  • Slipped or herniated or ruptured discs
  • Whiplash or connective tissue injury
  • Spinal Cord injuries and many more

We deal with all the cases of back and neck injury claims. Whatever may be the reason for your injury, we are here to support you to get through tough times without feeling any sort of financial burden. If you are a victim of back and neck pain, we ask that you contact us right away before it becomes too late. We will do our best to obtain the maximum compensation for your losses within short period of time.